Manuchar's Actions for World Environment Day

The 2022 World Environment Day campaign #OnlyOneEarth calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

Everyone everywhere can help create a more sustainable planet.  Below are some of the actions that Manuchar has taken.  

Manuchar Group

  • Globally we recycled 3,684 tonnes of waste in 2021, avoiding the generation of 1,642 tons of CO2.
  • We reduced our global water withdrawals by 20,5% in 2021.
  • We purchased over 40% of our palm oil derivatives from certified sustainable sources.  RSPO certified oil reduces carbon emissions by 35% compared to non-certified. 

From HQ in Antwerp

  • We installed a solar PV system in July 2021, have thus avoid 15.25 tons of CO2. 
  • In February 2022, our HQ switched to a renewable energy provider to balance our electricity needs, this will reduce CO2 emissions by a further 10 tons per annum.  
  • At HQ, we overhauled our corporate vehicle policy and will be investing in electric vehicles.  
  • We supported certified climate projects, contributing to the protection of 42,289 hectares of a Guatemalan forest, which will sequester 277,366 tons of CO2 per year.

From Our Affiliates

  • Manuchar South Africa installed LED lighting in two out of three of its bulk handling facilities, avoiding the generation of around 120 tons of CO2 per annum.  
  • Manuchar Turkey donated 2,000 saplings to re-forest an area in the Antalya Region.  
  • Manuchar Argentina replaced 50% of their warehouse side and roof cladding with transparent sheeting, avoiding the use of artificial lighting during the day and consequently conserving energy. 

We aim to increase our efforts through 2022 and contribute to the betterment of our environment. 


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