Please find below a selection of our ManuCare initiatives throughout 2022.

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Reconstructing a Local School in El Salvador

In Acajutla, El Salvador, close by our operations, we will support in the complete renovation of the Los Almendros school to offer proper learning conditions and facilities to the local community. Next to the reconstruction of the toilets and classrooms, a new water tank will be installed to give the children access to drinkable water. In addition, we will buy new desks and blackboards for the classrooms and provide school supplies for all children.

Providing Quality Education to Children in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago we will support children from poverty-stricken families in getting easier access to quality education. Together with local charity foundations, we will assist with living accommodations and food hampers. In addition, we will support with school materials, uniforms, laptops with internet access, counselling, transportation, and extra lessons

Helping a Local School for the Visually Impaired in Vietnam

Huu Nghi is a school dedicated to the education of the visually impaired, located in the neighborhood of our operations in Phu My, Vietnam. We will support in the construction of new restrooms, a covered playground for rehabilitation purposes and various activities, and with learning materials such as calculators and other school supplies.

Supporting a Local Elementary School in Argentina

Near our operational site in Ibicuy, Argentina we will support elementary school “Gabriela Mistral” which is not only a place where children from this underprivileged area can come to learn, but also to find a heated shelter and food while their parents are at work. Together with the school we will build a vegetable garden with greenhouse, provide them with the necessary gardening tools and freezers so the children can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables the whole year through.

Providing School Materials in Turkey

In Turkey we will support primary school 'Ishaklı' which also has a class for preschool students and a private class for disabled students. We will provide the school with furniture like chairs and tables and school materials such as laptops and printers.

Building a Day Care Center in Ivory Coast

50 years ago, a public school was created by women of the Anono village in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Through their efforts, they were able to create a place for their children to gain access to education. Manuchar decided to help them going a step further with also creating a safe space for their children to stay after school, in a country where kidnapping unfortunately happens regularly. Manuchar will build a day care center with all amenities such as a room for kids to play, a bathroom, a canteen with its own kitchen and much more.

Supporting Three Local Initiatives in Philippines

Throughout 2022, Manuchar Philippines will support three local projects. The first one is a partnership with Manila Water Foundation, which aims to provide schools with access to drinkable water. Within this project, Manuchar will offer refrigerated drinking fountains to 3 schools in Taguig, Laguna and/or Batangas where our warehouses are located. For a second project, we will donate used laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to promote hybrid learning for the children of our Manuchar employees. A third project is a sponsorship of vocational short courses like forklift operations for out of school children or siblings of our Manuchar employees.

Supporting LIV2Educate in South Africa

Manuchar South Africa will continue to support the LIV2Educate foundation, which takes care of orphaned and vulnerable children giving these children a warm home and making sure they receive quality education. Thanks to our donations, South Africa’s youth will be equipped with essential life skills that will help them to secure employment and become the country’s hope for positive change.

Assisting with Tuition Classes for Slum Children in India

Manuchar India will partner with Divine Foundation, who provides tuition classes for slum children from the ‘Ganpat Patil slums’, located only 17 kms from our office in Mumbai, India. In this large area, there live many migrants in search for a job. Most of them are uneducated. Divine Foundation teaches kids from grade 1 to grade 10. Around 90-95 kids attend these classes everyday. Manuchar India will pay for the teachers’ travel expenses for one year, provide stationery items and the possibility for a field trip for the students.

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