Manuchar Mexico

National Presence

We supply raw materials in emerging markets. We offer the world's most efficient and reliable sourcing and supply chain solutions.

We strongly believe in the value of long-term partnerships and aspire to continue building a strong and sustainable business that enables other companies to succeed in emerging markets.

We know that local presence and proximity are essential to building lasting relationships.


To provide raw material supply and logistics services to our customers to meet their needs.


To be an integral part of the supply chain business of raw materials to the industry in the different locations where we are present.


Our Values

Our values are the identity of our company. They define what Manuchar really stands for. We believe they are important to our success. This means that our values should influence or even drive everything we do as a company, as a Manuchar team. Here are Our Values:

Customer focus

All our activities are oriented to achieve and increase the satisfaction of our customers (Internal and External).


Joint effort and participation as a basis for improving the organization's performance.

Service and Empathy

We have an attitude of service and cordiality in all members of the organization.


Honesty is a fundamental factor in every business relationship and partnership. This principle leads us to act ethically and promote open and transparent communication. Think right, act right.


Everyone within the organization must act autonomously (without direct supervision) under the established guidelines, complying with the objectives and goals set, maximizing profits. Under a transparent and accountable environment, with cordial service of respect and teamwork.

En Manuchar Internacional, S.A. de C.V. buscamos la satisfacción de nuestros clientes suministrando materia prima y servicios de calidad, considerando las condiciones de seguridad que nos permitan la protección del medio ambiente y la rentabilidad de la empresa, garantizando así el logro de nuestras metas con la mejora continua en nuestros procesos.

El cuidado al medio ambiente y la seguridad tienen la misma prioridad que la calidad de nuestros productos y servicios.

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