Given our strength and footprint in maritime shipments, logistics and financing, Manuchar is equipped to help customers with various supplies ranging from a container load up to full shipments of cementitious materials (cement, clinker, GBFS, gypsum). Our group’s logistic infrastructure enables us to transport high-quality materials between any two locations in the world in a cost-effective and – most importantly – timely fashion.


Bagged Cement

Cement is a crucial commodity in developing economies. Infrastructure, housing and industry depend on the availability of cement. Whether it is for a marine terminal or for the building of a hospital or a skyscraper, Manuchar can provide the right quality cement in an above-average packaging quality and within the requested timeframe.

White Cement

White cement sets standards. The constant purity and quality offer added value in every architectural and construction application. With over 20 years of experience in white cement supplies, Manuchar is a reliable global partner.


Clinker is the semi-finished product used by grinding mills to make cement.

Responding to the ever-changing dynamics of the market, Manuchar has developed a broad network of suppliers of clinker from the Far East to Northern Europe. This enables us to supply high-quality clinker in the most cost-effective way at any given time. Thanks to Manuchar’s logistic experience and connections, the company has become a major global supplier of clinker.

GBFS (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag)

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS or simply “slag” for short) is a by-product of steel production. It's used as an additive when manufacturing cement. Mixing the cement with ground GBFS not only reduces the average production cost of cement, but also adds sulphate-resistant properties to the final product. We closely monitor quality parameters such as Lh ratio, glass content and reactivity, and can therefore supply premium quality GBFS suitable for the production of cement.

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