Providing Logistics Services and Solutionsto a wide range of industries

Over the past 35 years Manuchar has established seamless and strategic end-to-end, sustainable distribution channels which are efficient, flexible and reliable. This is further enhanced by our integrated, comprehensive and diverse logistics service offering. 

We offer a broad range of end-to-end Logistics Services. We discharge the vessel, we do the destuffing and stuffing of your containers, inspect your cargoes, keep your products in storage, re-bag, dispatch,… reload barges and transport cargoes to your production site. We provide these services for products (both bulk and packed) such as agricultural commodities, malt, fertilizers, steel and other dry bulk chemicals. 

Local Warehousing & Value-Added Services

We keep your commodities in stock and provide Value-Added Services. 

  • Storing and handling of your products
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) : controlling and managing warehouse operations from the time your goods or materials enter our warehouses until they move out
  • Providing Value-Added Services such as palletizing, barcoding, quality controls, (re-)bagging, wrapping, packing and many more

Inland Transport

We arrange the local logistics and/or Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. 

  • Organizing transport for delivery of your goods to your production site
  • We provide container (First and Last Mile cartage/ drayage), break-bulk, bulk distribution as well as line-haul transport using our own branded vehicles or outsourced transport 
  • Use of Transport Management System (TMS) providing visibility into our day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information and documentation, ensuring the timely delivery of your freight and goods

Value-Added Servicesoffering tailored solutions 

Manuchar offers a broad portfolio of distinctive Value-Added Services such as (re-)bagging, palletizing, quality control, barcoding, mixing and many more.


(Re-)bagging from bulk to bagged, vice versa or bagged to bagged (size difference). Grinding and reconditioning of damaged cargo or change bag recipients. 


Conversion of packed material into bulk at the loading port and/or conversion at the destination (e.g. jumbo bags into bulk vessels or silo trucks). 

Quality Inspection

Inspection of the quality of your products by checking packaging conditions, performing moisture testing,...

Palletizing & Labeling

Palletizing of products inclusive of labeling, enabling supply chain traceability. Pallets can be Manuchar owned, customer owned or from a rented pool. 

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