Who are we?

Manuchar is a leading distributor of chemicals across emerging markets and actively trades several other commodities. We operate in more than 40 emerging markets with our own local infrastructure and people providing storage, value-added logistics and Just-In-Time deliveries in over 160 locations.

The ingredients of our success? We know the products, markets, global and local logistical solutions and we have the necessary financing capabilities. But most of all… we have the people that make it work!


Our Hiring Process

We look for the best talent to join us at Manuchar. Our hiring process is therefore designed to ensure that we are the right culture fit for you. At the same time it's essential that you have a complete understanding of who we are, what we do, and what we expect from you.

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Manuchar - Vacancies

Life at Manuchar


Next to your competitive salary package with attractive fringe benefits, Manuchar is also a great place to work! We offer a job full of variety with long-term prospects in an international environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our Manuchar family.

We invest in You

We are actively committed to individual career development and will help you personalize your career growth.

Work-life balance

We value a good work-life balance, where you can spend time with your loved ones. That’s why we offer flexible working arrangements and remote working options.

One Manuchar family

Around the world we employ over 2,800 employees. Whether you are in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North or Latin America, at Manuchar you are part of One team. One company. One family.

Employee Testimonials 

Curious to know what your future colleagues say about working for Manuchar? Read their testimonials. 

Edher Negrón 

"What I like most about working at Manuchar is that it has allowed me to develop in different areas and has provided me with different tools for my professional growth. In addition, it is a company where there is a human warmth that generates a good working environment, where all workers join efforts to achieve organizational objectives. It is a company committed to its personnel, which closely accompanied the health of all its workers during the pandemic.

I like the fact that it is a company with international presence that bets on emerging markets and that this allows it to have a constant development and growth at a global level. This is reflected with a new protagonist as LONE STAR, I have no doubt that Manuchar will continue to grow capturing new markets and seeking commercial excellence."

Rodrigo Porras 

"When I applied to Manuchar, I was very interested in its international presence with offices in more than 35 countries, which definitely gives a global vision to the business, this is important especially in a market as changing as the one of raw materials. Manuchar is in the main industrial sectors (home care, agro, fishing, food, mining, textile, etc.) this allows us to understand the behavior of each of them, which is important for the development of B2B business.

I am in charge of market research, providing valuable information to the commercial team for decision making and defining their commercial strategy. I also see the development and management of products/suppliers, permanently looking for better conditions that we can transfer to our customers, such as product availability, quality, competitive prices and timely deliveries. I have learned these skills in an incredible environment that has made me grow a lot as a professional."

Victor Tapia

"I remember that, when I learned about Manuchar, before I joined, I was very interested in its trajectory, that is to say, the beginning and the development that the company has had. When I joined the company and developed my work, the aspects that I like the most and I consider that they have greatly influenced the development of the company, are the willingness to serve people and the possibilities that have been created and promoted, from the leadership of the general management, for the training and development of staff.

There is something important to highlight, and that is that I feel that I have found a company congruent, in several aspects, with the professional vision that I have, this encourages me, because I am sure that, with effort and time, Manuchar and my professional life will grow deservedly. It is a company with values, quite realistic and sincere in all aspects, that respects and encourages individual meritocracy and that, by helping us to develop our potential, we not only improve the company, but also our society."

Renzo Estrada

"In these 3 years in the company, I am proud to have the possibility to be part of the development and welfare of more and more Peruvians. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to our work, more people had sanitizing implements in their homes at affordable prices. Within the company, what I value most is the potential of human talent. I also love the fact that, thanks to this talent, Manuchar sets the tone for a promising future.

Personally, I am more motivated than ever; so my team and I will continue to contribute time, knowledge and effort to strengthen the company's future growth. I also believe that trust in your team is extremely valuable and makes the difference in high-performance teams."