Value-Added Services

In our Chemical Distribution business, we also offer a broad portfolio of distinctive Value-Added Services such as mixing, palletizing, barcoding and (re-)bagging.



Combining different chemicals into a homogeneous product, including full quality control. 


Converting bulk into bagged supplies, vice-versa or re-bagging in different size quantities. Grinding and reconditioning of damaged cargo or bags.


Conversion of packed material into bulk at the loading port and/or conversion at the destination (e.g. jumbo bags into bulk vessels or silo trucks). 


Adding solvents to a solution to achieve the desired concentration level. 

Quality Inspection

Inspection of the quality of your products by performing moisture testing, composition verification,... in our own labs. 

Palletizing & Labeling

Palletizing of products inclusive of labeling, enabling supply chain traceability. Pallets can be Manuchar owned, customer owned or from a rented pool. 

Product Branding

We can brand your bags to increase your brand visibility. 

Safety Stocks

We maintain strategic safety stocks across a broad range of emerging markets, ensuring agility and resilience in your supply chain. 

Handling Dangerous Chemicals

We can handle different types of hazardous chemicals, and can fulfil complex regulatory requirements.  

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