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Reconstructing a school in Honduras


Near our operations in Puerto Cortes, Honduras we have assisted Arturo Inocentis School with the full reconstruction of the entire school building which was destroyed by a tropical storm. The new school can accommodate 70 to 100 students.

With joined efforts, the entire structure, foundations, electrical and sanitary installations have been renewed. New furniture has been purchased, and security improvements have been made. A big thank you to our colleagues from Manuchar Honduras for coordinating this beautiful project. We Care for quality education for everyone!


Supporting a primary school in Nigeria


In Nigeria, we have supported Olusosun Primary School in Ikeja, Lagos with educational materials such as 12 school boards, 500 schoolbooks, 500 pens as well as playground equipment for the students.

Helping students receive online education in Philippines


We partnered with Ayuda Pang Eskwela, a local organization in the Philippines that supports students who are in need of financial help for online schooling. We donated laptops to 4 high school students and teamed up with a computer repair shop to arrange for repairs and spare parts for more refurbished laptops.

Supporting a children's foundation in Dominican Republic


We supplied chairs and tables for the dining and activity center of Fundación La Merced, who is dedicated to creating a safe space for preventing and reducing child labor throughout Dominican Republic.

Providing financial support to a classroom in Pakistan


In Pakistan we have supported The Citizens Foundation (TCF) with the operational cost of a classroom for a full academic year. TCF is a non-profit organization that builds and runs schools, providing primary and secondary education to boys and girls in rural areas and urban slums of Pakistan. 

Supporting LIV2Educate in South Africa


In South Africa we support LIV2Educate whose mission is to equip orphaned and vulnerable children with essential moral values and life skills, so they’ll grow up to influence positive change. We've made a donation to support the operations of one of the LIV villages near our operational site in Durban, South Africa. In October 2021, our colleagues from Manuchar South Africa also participated in the LIV Durban Volunteering Open Day.

Helping local schools reopen safely after Covid in Mexico


We helped several schools around our operations in Mexico in their preparation to re-open their classrooms safely after COVID by disinfecting the buildings, providing anti-bacterial products, and cleaning equipment. 

Supporting students and providing internships in Turkey


We are actively supporting underprivileged students through donations to Darüşşafaka Society in Turkey. We are also planning to provide internships opportunities to recent graduates. 

Renovating a nursery school in Ivory Coast


In Ivory Coast we have taken several initiatives to help public nursery school ‘Application’ in Bingerville, located nearby our office in Abidjan. We've purchased and installed ventilators, renovated the sanitary facilities, cleaned the school playground and repaired the playground equipment. 

Supporting an elementary school in Indonesia


We have supported local elementary school Mgr. Gabriel Manek, located near our warehouse in Cikarang, Indonesia by providing funds to cover a 6-month reduction in tuition fees for all 106 students. 

Educating children in Mexico 


Near our operational site in Escobedo, Mexico our Manuchar colleagues train and educate children on topics related to society and caring for the environment.

Providing on the job training and student internships in Philippines


We partnered with MFI Polytechnic Institute in Philippines to provide on the job training at Manuchar and to offer internship opportunities for undergraduate students from low-income families. 

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