International Day of Education

At Manuchar, we believe that education is the key to fostering more peaceful, just, and sustainable societies.

We proudly celebrate the United Nations' International Day of Education on 24 January to recognize the importance of education in promoting peace, development, and human rights worldwide. This year's theme is "learning for lasting peace".

Through our social responsibility program, ManuCare, we actively support inclusive and qualitative educational initiatives, centered around the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 8 (Decent Work). Our global projects are dedicated to improving education access and quality in our local communities.

Manuchar Thailand implemented a solar power system, leading to a substantial 58% reduction in electricity expenses for Lad Num Kwa School. Beyond the financial savings, this initiative signifies our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future for both students and teachers. 

In the Philippines, we renewed our collaboration with Manila Water Foundation, contributing refrigerated drinking fountains to three schools. These fountains provide clean and cold water to students and staff, in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

In Ecuador, Quimasa (part of our Manuchar group) created the volunteer program Manos en Acción (Hands in Action), benefiting a total of 120 students with initiatives focused on creating a supportive study environment.

In Mexico, we took an active role in the Little Citizens program. Our colleagues engaged with over 30 school children, emphasizing the significance of fairness, kindness, and understanding their rights to instill a positive impact in their communities.

In Brazil, we created community gardens using recycled non-hazardous waste from our distribution centers, including PPE, tires, and bottles. We also held informative sessions on sustainable agribusiness across all four locations, integrating our agricultural expertise with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our colleagues in the Dominican Republic recently made a meaningful contribution by donating school uniforms to the 152 girls and boys of the Educational Center Miguel Valentin Batista in the community of Valle de Rancho Arriba. 

In Trinidad and Tobago, Manuchar supplied school materials to the entire Upper Guaico Primary RC School, supporting 109 students and ensuring they have the necessary tools for academic success. As an additional gesture, we contributed two vibrant concrete benches to enhance the school's learning environment.

In Nigeria, our team enthusiastically collaborated with Chess in Slum Africa (CISA) in a noteworthy effort to empower underserved youth in Oregun. We orchestrated a youth chess tournament engaging 70 children and implemented an 8-week chess training program for the youth in Oregun. This initiative aims to equip them with valuable skills in areas such as math, soft skills, reading, and more.

Manuchar South Africa ‘adopted’ Christopher Nxumalo Primary School, a co-educational institution bravely serving 465 students despite encountering diverse challenges. This partnership is dedicated to addressing critical needs at the school, aiming to enhance the students' health, well-being, and overall learning environment.

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