Manuchar and Falken Trade partner to open Manuchar Poland

Antwerp, March 28th 2024. Manuchar, a leading distributor of chemicals with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, is excited to announce a new joint venture that marks an expansion into Poland. This partnership supports Manuchar’s plans to strengthen its chemical distribution platform and to expand its global network, both geographically and in product offering.

The collaboration is established with Falken Trade, an international trade firm specializing in the supply of food additives to Central Europe. Operating under the name Manuchar Poland, this joint venture will leverage combined expertise to capitalize on opportunities in Poland.

Manuchar Poland will offer solutions in the Home Care, Personal Care, Fabric Care, and Crop Nutrition and Pharmaceutical industry. By combining the strengths of Manuchar and Falken Trade, we aim to create a powerful partnership that drives ongoing innovation and excellence in our products and services offer. Our joint venture's vision goes beyond just business goals—it focuses on building a strong local presence in Poland, fostering lasting relationships with customers and partners for sustainable growth and success.

Falken Trade is an international distribution company specializing in the sale of functional food and feed additives. The company was founded in 2003 and since then has been dynamically evolving by offering a wide range of products to the Central Europe market. Every year, Falken Trade generates double-digit sales and volume growth, making it a trusted business partner.

Manuchar employs 2,800 employees worldwide. From its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium it operates a local distribution network across North & Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It handles over 4 million metric tons of goods, generating circa 2.4 billion USD in sales with local operations in over 40 countries and 160 locations. 

Quote Maurice Helsen, Region Manager Europe, Manuchar“Our partnership with Falken Trade in Poland marks an important moment in our journey, combining forces to unlock new possibilities. Manuchar is already known as a specialist in emerging markets, but we have also been present in Europe for many years. This joint venture is a testament to our dedication to growth, and we look forward to creating a future together with Falken Trade defined by excellence, resilience, and mutual prosperity.”

Quote Łukasz Kujawa, CEO Falken Trade “It is with great satisfaction that Falken Trade has started a cooperation with the internationally renowned company, Manuchar. A partner with such extensive experience and a diversified product portfolio will certainly serve as a significant source of inspiration for Falken Trade and, above all, will contribute to the further development of our organization. As a young, dynamic and flexible company, Falken Trade has gained a strong and unwavering position in the Polish and European markets. In line with our mission, Falken Trade will continue to constantly increase our market share in Europe while providing high-quality services. We are convinced that the cooperation between our two organizations Manuchar and Falken Trade, will be of benefit to our existing and prospective clients, who will receive a more comprehensive and competitive offer. Despite these new developments, Falken Trade will not abandon what sets us apart – we will remain in close and cooperative relationships with our partners.”

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