Manuchar Chile is awarded Ecovadis Platinum

Manuchar Chile is proud to announce the achievement of Ecovadis Platinum rating, a distinction reserved exclusively of the top 1% of companies worldwide for their commitment to sustainability. This feat emphasizes our determined commitment to environmentally conscious practices and social responsibility, and positions Manuchar Chile globally as a leader in sustainable excellence within our industry.

Our "We Care" commitment, deeply embedded in our corporate values, has been a key factor in achieving this prestigious rating. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond compliance and translates into tangible benefits for our stakeholders. By following strict sustainability criteria across all our operations, from supply chain management to corporate governance, we provide transparency, accountability and resilience in our business practices.

The Ecovadis Platinum rating offers significant benefits to our stakeholders. First, it means that Manuchar Chile operates to the highest sustainability standards, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. In addition, this certification opens doors to new business opportunities, as more partners and customers prioritize working with sustainable companies. Achieving platinum status demonstrates our commitment to reducing environmental impact, promoting social inclusion and bringing about positive change in the communities in which we operate.

We congratulate the entire Manuchar Chile team for their dedication and hard work to achieve this recognition. Going forward, we remain committed to maintaining and exceeding these high standards to ensure that sustainability continues to be integrated into every aspect of our business.

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