New warehouse for Human Nutrition in Peru

We're thrilled to announce the inauguration of our state-of-the-art Human Nutrition warehouse, strategically located at our Ventanilla (Lima) headquarters within the Logistics Axis Callao - Ancon – Chancay in Peru. This facility has been meticulously constructed to meet the highest standards in food security and sustainability, with a strong focus on food safety for the storage of ingredients and raw materials essential for the Human Nutrition industry.
Spanning an impressive 930 square meters and featuring 1,620 storage positions, this warehouse has been designed with precision, considering factors such as height requirements, lighting, temperature control, and the use of top-quality infrastructure and construction materials, all tailored to meet the stringent standards for the storage of ingredients for Human Nutrition. Our new warehouse has a spacious layout, optimized storage capacity, and streamlined workflows providing a safe, productive, and environmentally conscious work environment for our employees.
At Manuchar, our dedication and commitment to our customers’ success are unwavering. We are continuously working to ensure theirproductions keep on running. Anytime. Anywhere. With the addition of this new warehouse, we are poised to enhance our support to our strategic partners, delivering even greater efficiency and reliability in our services.

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