Revolutionizing Port of Imbituba: Fertisanta's Liquid Bulk Terminal Inauguration

Imbituba, Santa Catarina - A momentous occasion unfolded at the bustling Port of Imbituba as the Liquid Bulk Terminal (TGL) celebrated its grand inauguration. This milestone not only signifies a significant leap in the port's capabilities but also an expansion of its cargo offerings. Fertisanta, a prominent tenant at the port and also part of our Manuchar Group, led the charge in this impressive transformation, which encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the terminal's infrastructure and the construction of new storage tanks. This ambitious project has effectively more than doubled the port's liquid bulk cargo handling capacity.

The revitalization of the TGL terminal has breathed new life into Imbituba's maritime operations. The project saw Fertisanta fully restore two of the three existing storage tanks, while also introducing 806 meters state-of-the-art supply ducts, necessary facilities to accommodate the growing demand for liquid bulk cargo handling and loading road transport vehicles. This expansion aligns perfectly with the company's vision and its commitment to providing comprehensive logistics services to exporters and importers.
"The commissioning of the Liquid Bulk Terminal at the Port of Imbituba marks a boost for the State of Santa Catarina. It not only diversifies the port's cargo offerings but also addresses the vital need for increased capacity in handling liquid bulk cargo. This strategic development is set to strengthen Santa Catarina's industry and pave the way for economic growth and prosperity in the region" said Beto Martins, Secretary of State for Ports, Airports and Railroad Infrastructure of the Sate of Santa Catarina.

Philippe Huybrechs, CEO of Manuchar, main shareholder of Fertisanta: "To be able to serve exporters and importers, you have to have tools, preferably within the Port, and it is a great pride to be able to inaugurate this terminal, as it was the piece that needed to be completed for us to offer the complete logistics service." Manuchar will be one of the main users of the liquid terminal for its chemical distribution platform.
The commissioning of the Liquid Bulk Terminal at the Port of Imbituba stands as a testament to Fertisanta’s commitment to fostering economic growth and connectivity in the region, further solidifying its role as a key player in Brazil's maritime industry.

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