Our maintenance line supports all industries across the board. These include products such as specialty lubricants, secondary containment equipment, secondary analyzer equipment, parts, and polyurethane coating.


Please find below a selection of products we offer. This list is non-exhaustive. If the product you are looking for is not included, please contact us.


Spare Parts and Equipment


Dispensers (Storage)
Overpacks / Salvage Drum (ENPAC)
Spill Kits (ENPAC)
Spill Trays (ENPAC)


Feed and Discharge Seal
Wafer and Wafer Plus Type Flakes


TBM Model 200 Series /ReadiMoist Microwave Moisture Monitors


Polyurethane Pedestrian Cable Glands (900mmX400mmx40mm)
Polyurethane Vehicular Cable Glands (PC capacity 4T 3 TUN)

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