Who are we?

Manuchar is a leading distributor of chemicals across emerging markets and actively trades several other commodities. We operate in more than 40 emerging markets with our own local infrastructure and people providing storage, value-added logistics and Just-In-Time deliveries in over 160 locations.

The ingredients of our success? We know the products, markets, global and local logistical solutions and we have the necessary financing capabilities. But most of all… we have the people that make it work!


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Manuchar - Vacancies

Our Hiring Process

We look for the best talent to join us at Manuchar. Our hiring process is therefore designed to ensure that we are the right culture fit for you. At the same time it's essential that you have a complete understanding of who we are, what we do, and what we expect from you.

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Manuchar - Vacancies

Life at Manuchar


Next to your competitive salary package with attractive fringe benefits, Manuchar is also a great place to work! We offer a job full of variety with long-term prospects in an international environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our Manuchar family.

We invest in You

We are actively committed to individual career development and will help you personalize your career growth.

Work-life balance

We value a good work-life balance, where you can spend time with your loved ones. That’s why we offer flexible working arrangements and remote working options.

One Manuchar family

Around the world we employ over 2,800 employees. Whether you are in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North or Latin America, at Manuchar you are part of One team. One company. One family.

Healthy mind in healthy body

On a weekly basis we organize sporty activities you can enjoy together with your colleagues. Examples are yoga sessions, core stability trainings, dance sessions and padel. Every year a delegation of Manuchar colleagues participates in the Antwerp 10 Miles run.

Social Engagement

Many Manuchar colleagues are socially engaged and want to contribute to the betterment of society by supporting local communities and caring for our environment. A Manuchar delegation joined forces with River Cleanup to free our city and riverbanks in Antwerp, Belgium of waste. 

Manuchar's Feestbestuur

Throughout the year our Feestbestuur organizes many activities for our Manuchar employees, such as after-work drinks, teambuilding events and many other social events. The Feestbestuur is also in charge of fundraising events for several of our ManuCare projects 

Employee Testimonials 

Curious to know what your future colleagues say about working for Manuchar? Read their testimonials. 

Marivi Marcelo
Service Delivery

"I first got to know Manuchar back in Feb 2008 in the Philippines. Manuchar was looking for an accountant to assist in the completion of the legal registrations with the Philippine tax authorities to start operating in the country. I signed up to work for the newly established affiliate and as of May 2008, my journey with Manuchar started. Since then, Manuchar has given me opportunities to contribute my knowledge and skills as well as continuously developing and gaining expertise in different areas, establishing a good relationship with solution providers of various off the shelfs applications on top of the standard IT related skills required in choosing, implementing, and maintaining ERP and applications. For me, there is no doubt, Manuchar is one of the best places to work. Manuchar sees how each employee can be able to bring value and contribute for the betterment of the company in various ways. They support the growth and evolvement of their people, but what strikes me most in Manuchar is the company culture of being a family. You are not just an employee, you are family. I was able to stay or visit various Manuchar affiliates and, wherever I go, the Manuchar family spirit is felt and living within the people. I am with Manuchar for almost 15 years now, the longest I have been in any company, because Manuchar is a company that truly cares for their people."   


Prissila RendonTrader Chemicals Central America

"Being born in Colombia and living in Belgium, I have always had an interest in working for a company doing business with Latin America. I am a very commercially minded and sociable person who loves multiculturalism, and I saw in Manuchar a great opportunity to develop myself professionally. I started my career at Manuchar with a lot of enthusiasm, building up experience in logistics and administration. I then grew into a more commercial role in which I was made responsible for sales of our chemicals in Central America. After a few years I was given the responsibility of developing a completely new division (Fertilizers) in the same region. I have had the opportunity to develop projects and take on new challenges from zero. This has stimulated the spirit of entrepreneurship in me and enabled me to repay the trust put in me to carry out these responsibilities. The things I like the most about my job are the dynamism, the variety and the personal contact with clients and markets in Central America, which, as I am from Latin America, is where I feel truly at home. The most rewarding thing for me is not only the personal and professional growth but also seeing the fruits of the hard work that are the results of great teamwork. This job satisfaction is priceless and makes all the effort put into the project worthwhile. I have made many friends within the Manuchar family, which I am proud to be part of."

Pieter Van De Peer Regional Controller

"After working abroad in Latin America for six years, I started working for Manuchar as a Regional Controller. This felt like coming home because at Manuchar you meet the world, day after day. The daily contact with our 75 or so affiliates worldwide is the most exciting part of the job for me. Understanding the local reality in each of the different countries worldwide is a very interesting and challenging task. In recent years Manuchar has made considerable steps in strategic target setting. As a Controller it is part of my job to help set these goals and follow up on a monthly basis, while maintaining a true and fair view on actual financial reporting. The large variety of the different businesses in Manuchar (Steel, Chemicals, Port operations, Local Transport, …) requires constant on-the-job learning and makes this a very diversified and challenging work environment."

Michaël DesmedtTrader Africa 

"The global supply chain has always intrigued me. Working together with different international parties to get goods as quickly as possible to the customer, without losing the focus on quality and costs, is something that really interests me. I joined Manuchar in 2015. I started as File Administrator to learn the tips and tricks of international trade. Now, I am responsible for the development of our steel activities in East and South Africa. What I really like about my job is the variety. As well as being in contact with our customers, I also work with other parties such as suppliers, logistic companies and financial institutions. On top of that I can combine my days in the office with traveling to customers and suppliers around the world. I come in touch with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds which is a real eye-opener. For me, Manuchar is a very supportive company, listening to each and every employee and providing interesting career opportunities. I had the opportunity to live abroad in South Africa for seven months to further expand our sales markets. This allowed me to further develop myself both professionally and personally. I’m sure many more opportunities are yet to come."

Redina HoxhaFinancial Analyst

"It’s been two years since I joined Manuchar as a young graduate. I was impressed by the international working environment and the positive vibe surrounding the company. Thanks to Manuchar’s approach to employee development, the journey in this company has offered me continuous professional growth and personal improvement. I am currently working as Financial Analyst at the Credit Management Department, where we ensure business continuity while limiting the risks. This is achieved by analyzing our clients’ financial statements on a daily basis. What attracts me about this job is that each case is unique and you always get to learn something new. Besides working with numbers, which is something I really like to do, the job also entails frequent interaction with colleagues from all departments and those who are located abroad. Manuchar is the best place where you can challenge yourself and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to be part of!"

Mark JacobsRegion Manager Africa

"Working for Manuchar can be compared with a long, interesting journey. A journey where you get to learn a lot of new things, where you are continuously confronted with new challenges and especially where you get the chance to take initiative and grow in an organized way at a healthy speed. My journey started 25 years ago. After one year of training in administration, I received the opportunity to independently give administrative and commercial support to one of our senior traders. Soon I was asked to combine my administrative and supporting job with some telesales and market development in East Africa. Later, I was given the opportunity to become junior trader. I started traveling frequently and got involved in sourcing and logistics to grow to a more senior trader function. And my story continued. Knowing the region in West Africa, I was asked to establish and follow up on affiliates for Manuchar in Mauritania, Ivory Coast and Ghana. I was based for five years in Ivory Coast with my family. When I moved back to Antwerp the experience I had gained over the years created a new opportunity for me to become responsible for a whole region. No more words are needed to show how great it is to work for a company that can offer a wide range of opportunities in the long term."

Tom Catthoor Reporting & Consolidation Responsible

"Manuchar’s continued expansion has undeniably influenced my work scope and responsibilities. I have seen the Manuchar group grow from a handful of companies with limited reporting and consolidation requirements to an interesting and challenging multinational environment, which continues to provide new opportunities for me to grow in my job. Despite this growth I find that Manuchar has always stayed true to its unique spirit of flexibility and team play, in large part thanks to the wonderful colleagues we have in this company. My current role is to perform the monthly group consolidation, assist in creating the set of monthly group reports used by the management and the business, and help in continuously trying to improve the quality of our reporting. The work environment in Manuchar is a great place to stimulate these interesting challenges."

Julian De Ruyter Product Manager Fertilizers   

"After multiple experiences abroad during and after university, I wanted to work in an international and dynamic environment where entrepreneurship and an independent way of working are encouraged. I found this combination at Manuchar. I started my career being commercially responsible for our sales of chemicals to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. From there I grew into a more global role, coordinating our worldwide business development of fertilizers. When visiting our suppliers, subsidiary countries and key customers, I travel to Latin America, Africa and Asia and as a result get to see many places in the world. However, my home base is still in Antwerp with friends and family. For me this is the best of both worlds and adds a lot of variety into my work package. I am very happy having this interesting job where I am continuously challenged. What I have most appreciated over the years is that everywhere I go, I am received with such a warm welcome, and I now have many friends abroad, all part of the Manuchar family."

Eline Matthysen Junior Trader Chemicals East-Africa  

"In 2017 I graduated and immediately started working at Manuchar. I was one of the youngest employees back then. At that age, deciding on a career path can be scary! But I have never regretted joining Manuchar. I've moved from Trade Administrator, to Sales Support and then to Junior Trader. Today I find myself working in a flexible, caring company full of driven and supportive people. I am in contact with colleagues, suppliers and customers from all over the world on a daily basis. My role is to take care of customers’ needs for raw materials and finding them the most competitive price. I’m very grateful to Manuchar for having considered my professional aspirations and for giving me the opportunity to take my career to the next level. Manuchar has stimulated and supported me in developing myself professionally as well as personally. I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future!"