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Manuchar, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium is a leading distributor of chemicals in emerging markets. We complement our Chemical Distribution business with International Trade Services in steel, polymers and several other raw materials.

Manuchar handles over 4 million metric tons of goods, generating c. 2.4 billion USD in sales. Our local operations are in over 40 countries and 160 locations. Manuchar employs 2,800 professionals worldwide.

At Manuchar "We keep your production running. Anytime. Anywhere.”

Annual Turnover
2.4 Billion USD
+40 countries
> 4 Million MT
Employees worldwide

About Manuchar South Africa

Manuchar South Africa is an active and dynamic player in the trading, distribution, and supply chain of chemical raw materials to the Agricultural, (Feed & Fertilizers); Cement; Chemical Processing; Food; Glass; Homecare & Personal Care; Mining; Paper & Pulp; Textile and Water Treatment, and various other industries within Southern Africa’s emerging markets.

With a total of 34 500m2 warehousing space in over 4 locations and their own Terminal Operating License, Manuchar South Africa holds a large lease hold footprint and can offer comprehensive and diverse logistics service offerings, including: Shipping, Stevedoring, Clearing & Forwarding, Warehousing, Freight Consolidation, Containerization, Multimodal Transportation, and various other services.

Manuchar South Africa pride themselves on their service excellence and the provision of bespoke, sustainable fulfilment services, all of which are designed to exceed customer experience, needs and satisfaction. As part of our Global We Care initiative, Manuchar South Africa strives for a sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions and our environmental footprint.

Our Values

Our values clarify what Manuchar really stands for. They form the “identity” or the DNA of our company. We believe that they are important for our long-term success. This means that our values should influence or even drive everything we do as a company, as a Manuchar team or as a team member. They are defined as the attitudes and behaviors that we “value” most in our company.

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Code of Conduct

The Manuchar Group Code of Conduct is part of our constant effort to maintain and strengthen trust among all our employees, business partners and other stakeholders. It describes the standards which are expected to be followed within the group. The core values include respecting human rights, protecting the environment, and following business ethics principles. They are supported by additional policies on topics such as money laundering and trade sanctions.

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Our quality management approach is a systematic process. It clearly identifies, assesses, controls, communicates and reviews the risks related to Manuchar’s products, services and operations. Our aims is to ensure operational excellence, compliance and customer satisfaction.

The Quality team is responsible for defining policies, standards and processes. These align our assurance, environmental, and social activities according to our group strategy and Code of Conduct. They are carefully implemented to ensure the protection of our employees. And to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment and our local communities.

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