Every client has unique requirements. At Manuchar, we believe in carefully selecting and grading the materials supplied in a business-to-business environment. With our vast experience in wood, we understand the different expectations of a slicing, peeling or sawing factory.

Our own team is conducting the grading and simultaneously doing a final quality check prior to stuffing the cargo into containers. We continue to supply these quality products today as we believe in long-term cooperation and we understand that our customers can grow only with the right product.

Manuchar promotes the trade of sustainable logs which have been harvested according to the current international social, environmental and safety requirements.

Hardwood Logs

At Manuchar, we buy entire forest sites and grade our logs with the ultimate end use firmly in mind.

  • Beech logs - Fagus
  • Oak logs - Quercus
  • Ash logs - Fraxinus
  • Cherry logs - Prunus
  • Popular logs - Populus
  • Sycamore/Hard maple logs - Acer
  • Red/American oak logs

Softwood Logs

Because we buy complete parcels, we are well-positioned to offer various kinds of softwoods, for decorative, packing and construction end uses.

  • Spruce logs - Picea
  • Pine logs - Pinus
  • Larch logs - Larix
  • Douglas Fir logs - Pseudotsuga

Less common woods, our specialty

We can offer these special temperate species at competitive conditions but are not limited to them.

  • Hornbeam logs - Carpinus
  • Basswood / Linden logs - Tilia


We have long-standing contacts with various sawmills and therefore can offer a variety of product ranges in hardwood lumber. And because these are our own logs, we can cut your logs according to your needs. Let us know your width requirement on quality and size.


  • Air dried (AD) or Kiln dried (KD)
  • Steamed or unsteamed
  • Edged or unedged

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