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Adopting a School and Creating Change - South Africa

We will adopt Christopher Nxumalo Primary School, a co-educational institution that currently serves 465 students despite facing various challenges. Through our “adoption,” we will address several of the school’s essential needs, including: enhancing its infrastructure, installing a water tank to ensure a reliable supply of clean water and building a sports ground. These projects will improve the health and well-being of the students, as well as their learning environment.

Empowering Disabled Students Through School Renovation - Indonesia

In June, we were welcomed to SLB BC Nur Abadi School by students with disabilities performing traditional dances. We recently completely renovated the school’s infrastructure, including restrooms, study areas, and computer facilities, before the start of the new school year. This project has had a positive impact on the education opportunities for disabled children

Lighting Up Futures - Ecuador

We acquired 17 projectors for the Guardiana de los Saberes Luz y Vida School in Ecuador, benefiting 860 students by enabling presentations, documentaries, and enhancing teaching methods. During our visit to the campus, we collaborated with the principal, teachers, and students to foster a spirit of collaboration. Additionally, we conducted noise tests to determine the optimal placement of the projectors.

Building Skills Through Chess - Nigeria

In collaboration with Chess in Slum Africa (CISA), we will host a chess tournament for 70 children in Oregun, Nigeria. The top 6 participants will receive a 1-year scholarship. We will also provide a 3-month chess training program to the youth of Oregun, where children will gain valuable skills in math, soft skills, reading, and more.

Powering Progress with Solar Savings - Thailand

Our efforts in Thailand have resulted in significant accomplishments at Lad Num Kwa School. By implementing solar power solutions, we have effectively reduced the school’s electricity expenses by 58% compared to the past 5 months period. We have also enhanced the students’ wellbeing by introducing a new water purification system. These successful installations were completed in September.

Powering Progress with Solar Savings - Thailand

Refreshing Education with a Sustainable Splash - The Philippines 

In partnership with Manila Water Foundation, we have once again donated Refrigerated Drinking Fountains to 3 schools, dispensing clean and cold water to students and staff. This initiative aligns with our goal of promoting environmental sustainability, encouraging students to use reusable water containers instead of single-use plastic bottles. Additionally, our team engaged in a two-hour hygiene session, instructing children on proper tooth brushing techniques and effective handwashing practices. 

Refreshing Education with a Sustainable Splash - The Philippines 

Improving Wenhe School’s Environment - China 

In the remote mountainous region of Anhua, China our Manuchar colleagues have extended their support to Wenhe School by replacing coal stoves with electric alternatives. This initiative was undertaken in recognition of the adverse environmental impact of coal stoves and to enhance the school’s services and environmental cleanliness, promoting a healthier and more sustainable learning environment. 

Improving Wenhe School’s Environment - China 

Committing to Community Assistance - Mexico

Casa Don Bosco is an institution dedicated to aiding underprivileged and socially vulnerable youth by offering shelter, food, clothing, and education. With the support of their Director we conducted a presentation to reaffirm our commitment as a socially responsible company to continue with our mission of assisting and contributing to society. In addition, we donated cleaning kits as part of our outreach efforts.

Mexico - Committing to Community Assistance

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